Orthodox Christian Wooden Icon of Jesus Christ "Pantocrator"


This wooden icon is crafted in the monastery icon shop dedicated to the Protection Veil of the Mother of God in a small city, Yakovlevo in Russia. The icon is called “Pantocrator" which means "The One who Holds Everything."

This icon is printed on high-quality card stock paper and then mounted on the woodblock using a special mounting technique.  Later the the craftsmen spray the icon with a tiny coat of gloss finish to give it a smooth and polished look. 

This small can be displayed on your icon corner or given as a gift for any religious occasion or celebration. 

The monastery craftsmen use modern technologies in creating beautiful and colorful designs of Orthodox icons, following the canonical order of icon production.

After all, an Orthodox icon, unlike secular painting, is not a way of self-expression of the artist, but an act of glorification of God who created man in His image and likeness. The work of the monastery workshop is not imitation or copying, but the multiplication in the world of holy images dating back to ancient times. All icons of the Lord Jesus Christ, Mother of God, and saints reproduced in this workshop, correspond to the canons of Russian and Greek isographic schools.

Most of the proceeds from the sale of icons, the workshop directs to the needs of the Orthodox children's rehabilitation center and orphanage called "Veil" at the Church of the Protection of the Mother of God in Yakovlevo.


Size of the icon: 4’’x4 ¾

Comes with a small gift box