High Quality Decorative Ceramic Incense Burner


The high quality decorative ceramic incense burner has a marble-like appearance. This handmade Orthodox ceramic censer is nicely crafted and suitable for everyday incense burning and home censing.

The front of the incense burner features an image of the Orthodox cross with the inscription: IC, XC, NI, KA, which means "Jesus Christ the Conqueror."

This elegant and straightforward censer will be a great addition to your prayer corner. It is very stable, and it will not tip over easily.

Care Instruction:

After an extended time of continual use of the censer, you might notice some residue and black tar build-up from the charcoal/coal. To clean your censer, please empty the censer and soak it in hot water for a few minutes with some dish detergent liquid. Then, gently clean the burner's cup with the heavy-duty scrub sponge. Dry your incense burner entirely before using it again. Do not put your censer into the dishwasher.

The censer cup is about 1.3/4" deep and 3" wide.
Censer height: 3."
Censer handle: 1."
Weighs: 6oz

Handmade in Greece.

No lid. Charcoal and incense sold separately