Greek Orthodox Icon Diptych of Jesus Christ and Holy Theotokos

Type: Diptych

This wooden diptych features classic Byzantine portraits of Jesus Christ the Teacher and Virgin Mary the Directress. Gold-foil embossed icon is lacquered and mounted on walnut wood.

Back side features the Byzantine Cross and Orthodox Christian Prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, by the prayers of your Ever-Virgin Mother and our venerable and God-bearing Fathers and all the Saints, save me, a sinner.”

Ideal for baptism and wedding gifts. The icons of Christ and His Mother are essential for every home prayer corner. As a diptych, the icons are joined by a hinge so they can be opened like a book—ideal for travelers and for placement on shelves.

Each of the two icons is 3-1/2" X X5"; folds with two hinges
7 X 5 inches (when open)