Orthodox Christian Prayer Rope with 50 Knots and Silver-Tone Cross

Type: Prayer Rope
Color - Burgundy
This handmade and unique Greek Orthodox Christian prayer rope comes in four colors: black, burgundy-red, blue, and violet. The polyester threads make this prayer rope very durable and easy to use. The fifty knots are carefully intertwined and separated with silver-tone cross dividers and finished with an elegant tassel at the end of the cross. This prayer rope style features the double-sided medallion with the image of Jesus Christ on the front and the image of the Mother of God-Holy Theotokos.

If you are looking for a unique and meaningful Orthodox Christian gift for your loved ones, this prayer rope would be an excellent choice. The prayer rope comes packaged in a burlap bag.

The rosaries/prayer ropes are woven following ancient monastic rules with the church's blessing - each knot of prayer ropes consists of seven intersections of threads - seven crosses.

The hue of the thread may differ slightly from the photo.

Available colors: black, blue, violet, and burgundy red.

Approximate size with tassel: 12" long; Size of the knot ¼"
Weight: 1.0 oz