Handmade Orthodox prayer rope with 100 knots in black color



Handmade Russian Orthodox prayer rope in black color with 100 knots. This prayer rope is crafted using the polyester threads. It is very durable and presentable. Good quality. The size of the knots is approximately 6mm. It is practical for praying. For more space between knots just gently stretch it. It can be also used also as a necklace.

Size of the prayer rope: 16’’ This prayer rope is perfect for all types of prayer - from the comfort of your own home to on-the-go. It is handcrafted with durable polyester threads, resulting in a prayer rope that is robust, practical, and presentable.

Each knot is approximately 6mm in size, and the rope itself is 16” in length, allowing you ample space between each knot. Wear it as a necklace for a touch of spirituality and style.