Votive Glass Candle Holder with Orthodox Icon Sticker

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This small clear votive glass container with your choice of an icon of Jesus Christ, Mother of God, St. Nicholas, or St. George will be a perfect addition to your prayer corner. The oil lamps have a unique role in offering prayers at home and inside the Church. Traditionally, it is used to hold pure olive oil that feeds a floating wick to be lit. Lighting a lamp is essential in Orthodox Christian traditions as it reminds us of Christ illuminating our souls. Following ancient practices, the olive oil is extracted using a time-honored, labor-intensive method representing devotion and sacrifice.

Light this lamp before the icons or any special place in your home. The light that radiates from the lamp will always remind you of the ever-present Jesus Christ as the Light of the World. The light of candles makes a beautiful addition to any church service or prayer gathering.

This traditional votive light glass brings an extra ambiance conducive to a solemn prayer time. Use this glass as a votive candle holder or as a vigil lamp. The lamp is decorated with an Orthodox cross sticker made of sturdy vinyl material. Your order will include one clear votive glass (with a sticker icon of your choice) and a package of wicks for easy lighting.

• Approximate size 2.5" Height
• Bottom Diameter is 1.5."
• Top Diameter is 2."
• Weight 6oz on