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Quick Lightening Greek Charcoal Briquets for Incense Burning


This extra small quick lightening Greek charcoal briquets are excellent for everyday use. Each package roll contains 8 small discs. Each disc is about 20mm or 0.75” in diameter, which can hold at least 2 pieces of your favorite incense fragrance.  

It Ignites quickly and it is suitable for everyday house censing.

We suggest that you light the charcoal near an open window or an open door. Do not light your charcoal near a smoke detector or other air quality/safety alarm system. The quick light works very well, and it stays lit for a decent amount of time.

Instruction for use:

Place a charcoal disc inside your incense burner and light.

Add incense when charcoal glows. We suggest that you use small thongs or mini tweezers to place incense on top of the charcoal to avoid burning of your fingers.

Make sure your incense burner is placed and remains on a heat resistant surface when in use. Keep away from inflammable materials. Keep away from the reach of children. Never dispose the burning charcoal into the garbage can.

Special note: This charcoal discs are suggested to be used ONLY for incense burning and not for any other purpose.