Orthodox Holy Water Bowl

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This ceramic bow is made in Greece. It features the image (icon) of the Mother of God-Holy Theotokos on the front side and it is decorated with a beautiful colorful border. It comes in two different styles. Perfect for everyday use, religious events, aromatherapy, or as a home décor idea. This housewarming piece can be also used as a holy water container for the Orthodox home blessing service.

It can be used as a centerpiece for dining table ensembles, coffee table, office table or reception desk. 

It is a perfect addition to your kitchen. Use it as a counter bowl for displaying eatables like chocolates, toffees, and fruits. It can be used for special occasions like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, parties and other important events.

Hand wash only!

Size 8” in diameter; 3’’ deep
Weighs: 1lb, 8oz
Contains: 750ml (3cups)