Orthodox Ceramic Oil Burner with the Greek Byzantine Cross

Type: Vigil Lamp
Color - Blue

This Orthodox vigil lamp (oil burner) is hand-produced in a family-owned shop in Greece. 

It features the Byzantine Orthodox cross with the inscription IC XC NI KA (Jesus Christ the Conqueror). The ceramic lamp is deep enough to hold a large amount of oil needed for the continual burning of light. You can display it on the icon table, dresser, desk, or in the house as a beautiful and housewarming centerpiece. It is meticulously molded with a wavy style on the top and decorated with a colorful border around the edge.

We offer two different styles of this vigil lamp: blue color and dark brown color.

Vigil lamps are part of a Christian’s collective worship and prayers. People light and place vigil lamps in front of the icons, in church, or on the graves of our deceased loved ones. The traditional oil lamps direct our physical services and thoughts to God and remind us that Jesus Christ is the Light of the World. John 8:12

Pour some olive oil or canola oil inside the container-cup and light the wick to enjoy a beautiful and peaceful light while praying.

Approximate size: 5” H x 4” W x 3.5” deep

Weight: 12.5 oz

Contains about 1 cup of oil (8oz)