Oil lamp wicks for Orthodox Vigil Lamps

Type: Wicks
A package of 20-high quality wax wicks inserts, with a light cork float. They are perfect for everyday use inside the vigil lamps displayed in your icon corner.

The wicks are made to burn for a long time. These wicks can be used with any suitable vegetable oil. You can discard the wick after use, but keep the floater because it is reusable.

It is advised to push 1/2 of the wick through the floater hole (as in listing photos) and place that side inside the oil, leaving about 1/2 of the wick for the flame.

As with any lamps or candles to avoid the risk of fire do not leave in drafts and do not place your vigil lamp near the inflammable materials. Vegetable oil lamps have the extra risk of the overturn of the floater in the water. Do not burn them unattended or leave with small children unsupervised.

Easy to use
Does not overturn

Weight: 0,3oz
Package contains: 20 wick inserts and 1 cork floater