Laser Engraved Orthodox Wooden Standing Cross


This laser engraved wooden Orthodox cross comes in two styles.  The cross is made from the pressed beechwood using the high engraving technique.

Placed on a firm pedestal (base), these decorative crosses are a great accent and attractive pieces for your home decor, office, student dorm room, or church. The standing cross provides you with the flexibility to place the cross on any shelf or flat surface and it can be moved with ease from place to place if necessary. It is a great option as a travel cross as you can place it in your hotel room or vacation home.

Each cross features an engraved image of Jesus Christ crucified with the inscription “IC XC NI KA” (Jesus Christ the Conqueror). The small inscription above Jesus’s head is INCI which means “Jesus of Nazareth the King of Israel.”

You will appreciate the texture of the engraving and overall feel of the cross once you have the opportunity to hold it in your hands. Its unique design gives the appearance of beauty and radiance. The contrast of the woodworks comes together to form a stunning look that you will enjoy for years to come.

Great gift for Father’s Day, Christmas, graduation, baptism, birthday, or any religious occasion.

Size with the pedestal: 4.5” H x 2” W
Available in 2 different styles
Quantity Discounts available

Individual Cross Weight: 0.6oz