Laser Cut Wooden Orthodox Christian Cross Ornament

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Type: Ornaments
These three layers of ornate wooden lasers cut Orthodox Christian crosses and feature icon images of Jesus Christ, Holy Theotokos, St. George, St. Archangel Michael, and St. Nicholas.

The floral design of these crosses gives them an intrinsic look. They can be a beautiful addition to your home wall décor, or place it on your Christmas tree this year to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Add your ribbon for an elegant touch!

While these crosses can be used as a Christmas ornament, they can also easily fit into any room throughout your home during the year. Additionally, they can be used as car accessory items or fillers to your gift basket.

The cross ornaments are made of birch wood and come in two colors: red and blue.

Perfect gift for your family and loved ones!

You can string them up to decorate your parties, dances, ceremonies, or any special occasion. Or hang them to decorate your home and office. These charming ornaments will add a festive atmosphere to your birthday, wedding, or Christmas party.
Wood tones will vary from light to dark, and the sticker icons may differ in style from those pictured.

Each ornament is stained wood roughly 5" with an affixed string attached to hang.

Price is per item

Weight: 4oz

Size: 3.5” H x 2.5” W