Icon of the Three-handed Mother of God “Trojerucica”

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Experience the profound spiritual essence of the Three-handed Mother of God, also known as "Trojerucica," with this beautifully printed wooden icon. Crafted with devotion and precision, this sacred image encapsulates the divine intercession and love this icon represents.

The "Trojerucica" icon, thoughtfully reproduced on a wooden canvas measuring approximately 4''x4 ¾'', is a testament to the boundless grace of the Mother of God. It tells the story of her three hands – one extended in blessing, one holding the Christ Child, and the other pointing to her Son as the path to salvation.

This compact-sized icon is perfect for personal devotion, meditation, or as a reverent addition to your home's sacred space. Whether placed on your prayer corner, desk, or wall, it brings an aura of spirituality to your surroundings, offering solace and a sense of divine presence.