High-quality Orthodox Scented Incense for Home or Church Use

Type: Incense

This high-quality scented incense is handmade in Greece, following the antique traditional methods of the Christian East.

The burning of Incense is not only reserved for church services. Every Christian in their home should follow this beautiful and blessed habit of sensing the home while offering their prayers to God. 

According to the Orthodox Christian Tradition, the incense that is offered during prayer symbolizes the resurrection of the soul to heaven. Just as incense is placed on burning charcoal and emanates a fragrance that rises up like smoke, so the soul of the pilgrim should burn with faith in God – set free from all life’s care and headed for Lord’s kingdom. Incense intensifies the sense of prayer and facilitates the calling of God’s Grace.

Therefore, incense plays an important role in all worship services in the church or at home, accompanied by prayer.

Incense is placed inside the censer, on the burning carbon or charcoal. Just as the charcoal is burned, Incense is warming up, melting and revealing its wonderful aromas.

This incense will retain a strong flavor of fragrance when it burns.

We offer the following incense aromas:
Basil; Rose; Sea of Galilee, Byzantine; Gardenia; Myrrh, Bethlehem, 

Package weight 0.5oz 

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