Extra Small Icon of the Guarding Angel

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Type: Icon

This small Orthodox Christian wooden icon of the guarding angel is a beautiful housewarming piece and an excellent addition to your work desk, icon corner, children's room, or nightstand. It can also be a great option as an Easter basket filler or a filler for any gift basket.

The icon is produced using high-resolution print and mounted on MDF (pressed wood).

The approximate size of the individual is 3" high x 2" wide. 

If you are searching for a small Orthodox icon to display on your work desk, bookshelf, home icon corner, or a small piece for your gift basket, this is a perfect choice.

This Orthodox gift icon is suitable for baptism favors, birthdays, graduations, or any other religious celebration and special anniversary.


Approximate Size: 3'' high x 2'' wide

Weighs: 2 oz