Everyday Christian Worship and Prayer Ceramic Vigil Lamp

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This ceramic wall vigil lamp features the Orthodox icon of the Mother of God with the Child and a prayer inscription in the Greek language: “O Lord Jesus Chris have mercy upon me.”

With its warming color tones, this vigil lamp shows an uncompromising beauty and style.

The backside of the lamp is flat and has a hole for an easy mounting on the wall. This lamp can be also displayed on the icon table, dresser, desk or anywhere in the house as a beautiful and housewarming centerpiece. It is meticulously molded, and hand-produced in a family-owned shop in Greece.

Vigil lamps are part of a Christian’s everyday worship and prayers. Pour some olive oil or canola oil inside the white ceramic container-cup and light the wick to enjoy a beautiful and peaceful light while praying.

Usually, the vigil lamps are lightened and used in front of the icons in our homes, in church or on the graves of our deceased loved ones. The traditional oil lamps direct our physical services and thoughts to God and remind us that Jesus Christ is the Light of the World. John 8:12

Dimensions: 6” H x 4” W
Dimensions of the oil cup: 2 ¼” deep by 2” in diameter
Weight: 1lb 3oz