Brown Color Floral Incense Burner Orthodox Censer with Top Cover

This Orthodox incense burner-ceramic censer comes with the ceramic lid. The top features an image icon of the Holy Theotokos (Mother of God) surrounded with decorative flowers.

It is made in a family-owned ceramic shop in Greece using exquisite handmade artistry. This ceramic hand incense burner is an excellent addition to your home icon corner. By censing your home daily, it will help you ignite your spiritual senses.

Incense is burned in a hand censer container and ignited by burning charcoal. Incense resin is a product of aromatic plant matter, often with an oil or gum as a base.

In the Orthodox Christian practice, Incense is an essential liturgical implement which is often considered distinctive to the Faith.

Due to factors such as shooting and display, the color of the product may be slightly different. Hand-wash only!

Care Instruction:

After an extended time of continual use of the censer, you might notice some residue and black tar build-up from the charcoal/coal. To clean your censer, please empty the censer and soak it in hot water for a few minutes with some dish detergent liquid. Then, gently clean the burner's cup with the heavy-duty scrub sponge. Dry your incense burner entirely before using it again. Do not put your censer into the dishwasher.

Size: 6" tall with the cover; 2.5" diameter (wide)
Weight: 10 oz

Charcoal and Incense are sold separately.