Greek Orthodox Brass Vigil Lamp with Wooden Icon of Jesus Christ and Home Blessing Prayer

Type: Vigil Lamp
This decorative handmade Greek Orthodox vigil table lamp comes with a 7” tall brass cross holder stick and a wooden high gloss icon of Jesus Christ with the home blessing prayer printed. The lamp is made of high-quality brass materials with a sturdy round base. Its beauty and splendor can serve as a great addition to your home altar or icon corner. The vigil lamp comes with a tall red-colored vigil glass. The addition of the brass stick gives this lamp much versatility. It is strong enough to hold any of your favorite home icons. The space between the holder and the vigil cup is about 1”. We included the icon of Jesus Christ with this lamp, hoping that you will appreciate its beauty and functionality. It has a small hole on the backside for easy mounting on the wall. The wooden icon can be purchased separately from the lamp. Please check our Etsy store to find the perfect size of this particular icon.

These beautiful vigil lamps are manufactured in a family-owned workshop from Belgrade, Serbia. In addition to a long tradition with over 60 years of experience, this family cherishes a traditional approach in selecting stylish designs for their products. Their designs are inspired by the medieval ornaments found on the walls of Orthodox churches and monasteries from that period.

To use as an oil lamp, you need to add some oil into the votive glass. Oil should be regular oil, light, and not heavy oil, such as olive oil. Then you need to add a wick inside the floater and light it.

This oil lamp comes already with a FREE package of wicks, and a floating cork (floater) needed to start using this vigil lamp.

Dimensions (base and lamp): 4.5 x 5.5 inches
Size of the Holder stick with the cross: 7.”
Icon Size: 4” x 8” x ¼ “

Vigil Lamp Weight: 13 oz
Package Weight with Icon: 1lb 3oz